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Its Time: The Hidden Value of Unstructured Data

Published By: Expert System
Expert System
Published:  Jul 26, 2019
Length:  6 pages

As companies increasingly recognize the business implications and actionable benefits of AI, the question becomes: How will you use AI for your business?

Thanks to the Cogito platform based on AI algorithms, organizations can effectively support and improve unstructured information management and text analytics in order to:

  • Leverage all information, combining internal knowledge with other information sources to extract relevant data
  • Provide effective and real-time insight on strategic initiatives, partners and any third parties
  • Mitigate and even completely avoid risks for operations, reputation, etc. through information analysis and monitoring
  • Know what competitors are doing and intercept market trends
  • Implement automation for the broader, more complex set of processes that involve data
  • Free up teams to focus on more creative or critical activities inside the organization
  • See the entire business through a different perspective