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Lowering Commercial Automotive Insurance Costs

Published By: SambaSaftey
Published:  Mar 15, 2019
Length:  11 pages

Best practices for taking control.

The numbers don’t lie: Driver monitoring can reduce accidents, save organizations money, and protect the people and communities you serve.

Advances in safety technology, like comprehensive driver monitoring solutions, are enabling companies not only to stay safer, but to better navigate the tricky territory of insurance. By following a few new best practices, you can manage insurance costs and protect your company’s bottom line before your drivers even hit the road.

In our free white paper, “Lowering Commercial Automotive Fleet Insurance Costs,” we’ll show you:

  • The many ways vehicle crashes affect the bottom line
  • A deeper look at the risks of employer- and employee-owned vehicles
  • How negligent entrustment suits can snare companies in any industry
  • How to mitigate risk and take control of insurance