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Why You Can’t Afford to Sit on an ERP Software Decision

Published By: Epicor
Published:  Jul 06, 2017
Length:  8 pages

When determining which investments to make in their technology infrastructure, organizations will often choose to make no changes at all. While this decision avoids short-term costs and business disruption, it often simply delays the inevitable—even making it worse.

The cost of doing nothing is simply not worth it in the long term. This report—from the independent researchers at Aberdeen Group—outlines the reasons distributors choose not to upgrade enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and cautions against this approach, supplying detailed research that illustrates the benefits of keeping your systems current.

Businesses with the latest ERP solutions performed better in the following areas than those with either obsolete or no ERP software:

  • Complete and on-time delivery
  • Internal schedule compliance
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Customer satisfaction

With the ability to utilize new best practices and other innovations, employees at these companies get the information they need to make informed decisions and act more efficiently, improving overall company performance.

Epicor has a long history of providing ERP solutions tailored specifically for the distribution industry. Check out the report, and see how upgrading to Epicor ERP can help grow your business.

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