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Cyber Security Awareness Kit

Published By: NAVEX Global
NAVEX Global
Published:  Aug 18, 2016

This Cyber Security Awareness Kit illustrates how to make your organisation more secure by neutralising the leading cause of cyber security risk: your employees.

Download this Cyber Security Kit to find out the steps your organisation needs to follow to reduce cyber risks: 

  • Step 1: Strong Policies. Creating a strong cyber security policy is the first step in protecting your organisation.
  • Step 2: Employee Education. Engaging employees with fun and creative training (not a PowerPoint presentation!) that shows real-life examples of how violating cyber security policies puts your company at risk brings the message home.
  • Step 3: Asses & Monitor. The third step to reducing cyber risk is ensuring your employees are viewing and attesting to the policies and training you have in place.


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