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From One-time to a Lifetime

Published By: Aria Systems
Aria Systems
Published:  May 03, 2016
Length:  77 pages

In the guide, Iíll explain:

  • Why recurring revenue is an unprecedented opportunity for your business and why this opportunity is available now
  • How youíll need to change your thinking to manage a recurring revenue business
  • Why creating recurring revenue offerings may be as simple as repackaging existing products and services
  • What business and system capabilities you will need to have in place to support your new business model
  • How to go about selecting vendors to help you achieve your goals
  • What elements are necessary for success in a recurring revenue implementation program
  • How recurring revenue changes the way you look at data and measure success
  • The steps you need to take to get started on your recurring revenue journey
  • What the future holds for recurring revenue