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Splice Machine: SQL-on-Hadoop® Evaluation Guide

Published By: Splice Machine
Splice Machine
Published:  Feb 17, 2014
Length:  16 pages

Hadoop: Moving Beyond the Big Data Hype Let’s face it. There is a lot of hype surrounding Big Data and adoop, the defacto Big Data technology platform. Companies want to mine and act on massive data sets, or Big Data, to unlock insights that can help them improve operational efficiency, delight customers, and leapfrog their competition.

Hadoop has become popular to store massive data sets because it can distribute them across inexpensive commodity servers.

Hadoop is fundamentally a file system (HDFS or Hadoop Distributed File System) with a specialized programming model (MapReduce) to process the data in the files.

Big Data has not lived up to expectations so far, partly because of limitations of Hadoop as a technology.

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