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Spector 360 Recon – Balance Employee Privacy and Corporate Security

Published By: SpectorSoft
Published:  Dec 12, 2013

Introducing Spector 360 Recon, the first insider threat solution designed with employee privacy in mind. Spector 360 Recon conducts reconnaissance on the digital activity occurring within an organization, and provides intelligence on any potential insider threat activity to the right people within the organization – without exposing employee personal activities.

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Spector 360 Recon is the only insider threat solution that enables balance between security and privacy. Once deployed, it serves as an intelligence gathering asset and early warning system, constantly watching for the “enemy within.” Many organizations do not monitor user activity, or elect to do so only when they are aware of a potential issue, because of privacy concerns. Recon balances security and privacy by keeping the user activity logs in a “black box,” to be reviewed only when alerts demonstrate there is cause to do so. For the first time, companies can effectively protect themselves against insider threats without compromising the privacy of employees not engaged in problematic activities.

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