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Best Practices in Selecting and Deploying Document Management Solutions

Published By: Solgenia
Published:  Jun 07, 2013
Length:  18 pages

Document Management (DM) is one of the fastest growing areas of IT, as organizations look to achieve a vision of a single searchable repository, accessible by all knowledge workers regardless of geographical location. The vision is a compelling one, as the benefits of document management solutions are far reaching.

  • Increased individual and work group productivity through ready access to timely, relevent information
  • enhanced workplace collaboration, and accelerated time-to-completion for important projects and tasks
  • Automation of routine business processes to decrease operating costs and make organizations more responsive to stakeholders.
  • Greater compliance with regulatory requirements and 'best practices' for information governance to effectively minimize audit and legal costs
  • Reduced cost, risk and environmental footprint associated with paper-based records. 
This White Paper outlines best practices and practical considerations that help ensure successful selection and implementation of document management solutions. It addresses a broad range of topics from aligning business objectives and requirements through to information safeguards and integration considerations.

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