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Websites are Dead. Long Live Digital Presence.

Published By: Limelight
Published:  Feb 15, 2013
Length:  12 pages

Your website, as you know it, is dead. Thatís because digital marketing is no longer about pushing out content and hoping that users or customers read it. Itís about engaging and interacting with your customers through your content. So you canít just publish your videos to YouTube and be done with it. You have to do more. Your content tells the story of your brand and your company. And when itís online, itís your digital presence.

The death of ďwhat you think your website isĒ isnít exaggerated. New research from Google and others show that your customers are consuming content across devices. Itís a new world nowóa world about consistent content experiences, about engagement and interaction using a variety of channels. About digital presence.

This whitepaper will help you understand how the digital world has changed over the past 10 years and how you need to start thinking and acting digitally to take advantage of these trends and changing user behavior. Either that...or your story will never stick.

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