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Increase the Processing Power Behind Your Mission-Critical Applications

Published By: Dell Storage
Dell Storage
Published:  Aug 21, 2012
Length:  5 pages

For longer than many in the industry care to remember, IT prognosticators have predicted a world with seamless collaboration between co-workers, partners and suppliers; where paper-based manual processes are replaced by IT solutions that are faster, more cost-effective and efficient; and where high-performance computers could make quick work of complex equations to speed research and development.

The first challenge is providing the applications that users need without significant downtime or latency. Another challenge comes from the need to supply sufficient processing power and memory to achieve the desired level of performance without
investing in so many new servers that floor space, administrator, and power and cooling costs negate any savings that come from better business processes. A third challenge is related to sheer amount of data that today’s business users and their applications generate.

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