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Improving Claims Outcomes with High-Quality Data

Published By: Trillium Software
Trillium Software
Published:  Aug 17, 2012
Length:  8 pages

All too often, strategic business decisions are based on information generated from poor or missing data. The downstream impact of this dilemma can be staggering,
as a lack of quality data prevents executives from making the right choices when determining critical business strategies, such as meeting the changing needs of customers, identifying markets for growth, or addressing a growing competitive threat.

The insurance industry is not immune to this problem. While insurance companies collect mountains of data, executives often find themselves asking the same question over and over again: Can I trust this information? This paper explores the root causes of bad data and its impact on insurance claims operations. It also defines a process that insurance claims professionals can follow in order to improve data quality and make better decisions while driving greater customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, bottom line improvement, and revenue growth.

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