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Optimize the Performance of Business Applications - SilkPerformer Product Free 30-Day Trial

Published By: Borland Software
Borland Software
Published:  Apr 09, 2012

SilkPerformer® is a proven, powerful and easy-to-use load and stress testing solution for optimizing the performance of business applications. Easy-to-create, accurate and realistic tests simulate tens or even tens of thousands of IT system users in a wide range of enterprise environments and platforms.

The tests isolate issues and bottlenecks that could impact reliability, performance and scalability. Intuitive diagnostic and analysis capabilities help resolve the issue quickly, reducing test-and-fix cycles, accelerating time-to-market, and supporting critical release decisions related to application performance. To further reduce costs and promote more testing by more people, SilkPerformer removes the usage restrictions common in other solutions with its flexible, sharable deployment model.


  • Reduced R&D costs. Minimize test and fix cycles and better utilize expensive resources
  • Improved ROI. Provide greater access to test creation and execution for more team members and support a higher number of virtual users per box
  • Leverage current investments. Reduce your investment in multiple tools and training, exploit new technologies and maintain business confidence even as technologies change
  • Quick user adoption. Discover ease of use with step- by-step workflow wizards

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