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Download & Manage User Rights with Privilege Authority Professional

Published By: ScriptLogic
Published:  Jan 25, 2012

Privilege Authority Professional is the lowest cost Windows privilege management solution that provides the core features IT administrators need to simply and quickly elevate and manage user rights.   It includes both pre-packaged and Community elevation rules for clients, which are more effectively applied with ScriptLogic's patented Validation Logic technology.

Effective Management of User Privileges
Avoid the pain of managing each user and desktop individually.  Elevate permissions automatically and only when needed by using privilege elevation rules. 

Quick Deployment
Get immediate time-saving benefits by applying pre-defined privilege rules that are available in the Privilege Authority community.  Pre-defined rules meet the most common needs, such as elevating privileges for installing Adobe reader, Java updates and printers.  

Privilege Authority Professional expands as you need it; in addition to creating secure custom rules, you can easily import pre-defined rules from the online community at the Privilege Authority Rules Exchange.

Apply Filters to Privilege Rules
Rules can be targeted to clients based on multiple conditions that can be combined with Boolean Logic for precision.  Use attributes like username, computer name, user and computer groups, OU, OS, IP address range, registry key and file to target clients.

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