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Adding the Time Dimension to BPM

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Published:  Jan 17, 2011
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Time is a critical element of the planning, oversight, and improvement of business processes. However, business process management (BPM) solutions have traditionally focused on other aspects of the BPM challenge, such as quality and governance. Time represents a vital third dimension, enabling business users to gain additional control over their processes and creating the opportunity to predict how later stages in the process will be affected by changes introduced in the earlier stages. This predictive capability, referred to as Predictive BPMT or pBPMT, offers organizations more insight than ever before into their processes, providing the earliest possible notification of potential delays. Early notification leads to early response, resulting in more available options, which themselves can be executed more effectively and efficiently (because there is now more time available to plan them). As a result, the inclusion of time, with the concomitant benefit of early prediction, adds significant value to the quality and governance aspects of the managed process.

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