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The Most Critical Criteria for Successful Videoconferencing Deployments

LifeSize, a division of Logitech
Published:  Jan 12, 2011
Length:  2 pages

So you are about to consider videoconferencing for your organization. Management has discussed the opportunity to engage with one another more frequently and they don’t have an extensive travel budget. Video is now IP-enabled and can work over IP-networks as well as the traditional ISDN dial-up method. Videoconferencing for all organizations is here.

What is the most critical factor in your selection process? It may be cost at first, but costs take a back seat once a selection is made 90-120 days after deployment. It may be technology and features, but more sophisticated features, bells and whistles, are quickly eroded if the basics are not met. We know that videoconferencing has been around for years, and yet we have all heard the stories of videoconferencing non-use more than often than not. So what are the two most
critical factors that make for a successful videoconferencing deployment? Clearly it is ease of use and quality of user experience.

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