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The Evolving Uses of Social Media

Published By: MediaVantage
Published:  Sep 10, 2010
Length:  9 pages

Social media has evolved from a platform designed for personal interaction to a powerful marketing tool. Organizations are now seeing the benefits of social media to establish, retain and grow brand reputation and loyalty. While it may have hit the mainstream, both for personal and business uses, navigating social media can still feel like unchartered waters.

As a savvy communications professional you know that every successful program begins with a plan – and social media is no different. Start by asking yourself some basic questions:
• What do I want to achieve? A stronger brand presence? Lead generation? More customers?
• Who do I want to reach?
• How do I want to do it? What social media channel is the right one?
• What tactic will work best for my audience? A Twitter message? A social media release? White paper on my website? A Facebook presence?

Your customers and audiences are no longer getting their information only from traditional sources. They are talking about your brand whether you choose to listen or not.

Our latest white paper, Evolving Uses of Social Media, looks at how social media can benefit your organization and how you can make it work for you.

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