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Germain SoftwareT llc, is the global leader of Siebel CRM Performance and Availability Monitoring Solutions. Germain has been in the business of providing innovative technology to Siebel CRM customers and partners since Feb 2006. Our flagship product is the Germain MonitoringT enterprise software. Germain MonitoringT enterprise software's goals are to proactively detect, identify root-cause(s) and (in some cases) automatically tune Siebel CRM performance issues before the business is impacted. The Largest implementation of Germain MonitoringT enterprise software, performs 24x7 monitoring of 8300 siebel users' experience, integration related transactions (workflow, eai, web services,...), a total of about 0.5 million transactions monitored and stored in the GM database every day. Next: read more at www.germainsoftware.com
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